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Regular contact is maintained with our cleaning operatives providing consistent monitoring and support. This results in lower than average turnover of our staff.

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Since we set, we’ve been driven by one single, purposeful goal- investing in the smallest dream. A loan every minute, a million lives touched every year; for us it is just a beginning.

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We use only the best quality cleaning materials. Our staff are trained on utilizing only the best compounds in the most efficient quantities.

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Residental Housekeeping.Your House in Good Hands.

Shalimar Management Services offers its clients the benefits and comforts of a clean working environment, through its daily office cleaning services. Our effective commercial office cleaning services involve general dusting, moping, janitorial services and supplies, as well as best washroom cleaning services.

Effective Planning

Commercial Housekeeping.Construction Process Organized.

This is vital in any office environment as the core duties of the resident employees are paramount to any organization, and should not be disturbed under any circumstances. Our staff is trained regularly to keep them updated to the latest technologies & information regarding cleaning.

Why choose Us?

Other Housekeeping.We have got you Covered.

In conjunction with our progressive environmental policies, we aim to avoid sending waste to landfill wherever possible. Shalimar Management Services can control your waste management through bin systems, segregation and confidential waste removal, thereby adding to your premises being 'Green'.

Customer Testimonails

In 2015 Housekeeping became a big problem for me. But quick loan helped me a lot and that too with zero paper work

Manish Goyal New Delhi
Customer Testimonails

I Got Housekeeping services from Shalimar Management Services in just 24 hours!! Finally my dream of home has come true.. Thumbs up Shalimar

Vivek Tiwari Gurgaon
Customer Testimonails

I started my own business recently all thanks to Shalimar Management Services

Amrit Agarwal Banglore
Concrete Developments

Daily Office Cleaning

This is vital in any office environment as the core duties of the resident employees are paramount to any organization, and should not be disturbed under any circumstances.

Finance Assistance

Industrial Cleaning

Many companies have insufficient cleaning requirements to install and operate their own cleaning equipment and hire knowledgeable industry cleaning staff.

Interiorly Designed

Window and Facade Cleaning

We offer window cleaning services for every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes.

Cost Effective Solutions

Washroom Services

Washrooms offer an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. Further your washrooms are subject to dirt, grime and spoiling, maintaining hygienic and clean.

Smart Builders

Post Construction Cleaning

After the completion of construction for a commercial or residential project, there is often a detailed post construction clean up required Shalimar Management Services.

Quality Infrastructure

Carpet Cleaning

We often make the mistake of assuming our upholstery and carpets are clean just because they look clean. However, over time they collect dust, and airborne pollutants.